Sunday Rehab

Sunday Rehab – Hair of the Dog

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If you need a little rehabilitation after a wild Saturday, join us at Good Spirits-Fifth & Fed for Sunday Rehab, hair of the dog drink specials. Folklore states that in order to cure rabies, you must take a potion made from the hair of the rabid dog that bit you. Similarly, it’s said that the best way to cure a hangover is by having an alcoholic drink. We may not be doctors but, should this be the cure, we’re here to help.

Sunday Rehab Drink Specials
Bottomless Mimosas – $10
Bottomless Peach Bellinis – $10
Smirnoff or Victor George Premium Vodka Bloody Marys – $5
Ketel One Bloody Marys – $8

11am to 4pm

Now Featuring Music by Radamas!

Come on in and let’s laugh about the decisions you made last night.  We don’t judge.

Check out our lunch menu to get the proper nourishment for your post-party ailment.

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