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Which Alcoholic Beverage Best Matches You Quiz

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Which Alcoholic Beverage Best Matches You?

A Study Matched Alcoholic Beverages to Mood.

Reports of a study linking different kinds of alcoholic beverages with different mood states were making the rounds recently. The research used 30,000 survey responses from the Global Drug Survey and found that people attached different emotions to a different alcoholic beverage.

For instance, more respondents reported feeling aggressive when drinking tequila than when drinking vodka.

We all have friends who swear they feel differently when drinking different types of alcohol.   No matter what the drink, the active ingredient is the same: ethanol.

While taste certainly plays a role in your drink of choice,  there is anecdotal evidence to suggest that certain spirits better match your personality and desired mood when choosing to imbibe.  Taste can be altered to please your pallet by choice of brand and/or mixers added.

The following quiz will determine which type of alcoholic beverage best matches your personality and desired mood.  Afterwards, take a look at our drink menu to get an idea what to order next time.


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